11 Sleep-Ruining Artist Corruptions Of Classic Childhood Disney Characters

Hey, everybody who has ever moaned about Hollywood “destroying/raping/burning your childhood?” Not another word until you prove to us that you didn’t just look at Pikachu re-imagined to look like one of the uber-vampires from “Blade II” and feel a warm trickle run down your leg.

Credit where it’s due to Disse86: the artist responsible for these 10 nightmarish re-imaginings of yesterday and today’s most beloved innocent characters spared no detail. As if it wasn’t enough that Piglet’s gaping, fanged grin now makes him look like a discarded animatronic from “Five Nights At Freddy’s,” the macabre-leaning portrait depicts his body as a perfectly scored ham slit open to leak sausage links. Shrek looks more like an especially slow-witted “Warcraft” orc that might just yank your arms off if you startle him. As for Tigger…well, we certainly never bothered to picture him with four tails ending in scorpion stingers or massive claws with exposed tapestries of muscle and tendon, but then again, why in every salty hell would we?

Don’t even get us started on what that minion is thinking while it stares, um, “lovingly” at that banana.











Source – Disse86’s DeviantArt

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