Five Nights at Freddy’s is the Scariest Thing You’ll See at the Movies

Do you remember ‘the maze game’? It was a popular computer game a while back that was in fact more of a prank than a game. You’d play for five minutes or so and then just as you were concentrating hard, a hideous face would leap at the screen and scream at you. The game was fun but what was more fun was watching YouTube videos of people wetting themselves and crying.

If you thought that was bad, then you’re going to love Five Nights at Freddy’s which is also a game which reveled in jump scares. The idea was that you would play as a security guard working at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, with a bunch of murderous animatronics (making full use of that ‘uncanny valley’).

And so popular was the lore that it is now being made into a movie, which will surely be about the most terrifying thing to hit cinemas. The aim is for a 2015 release though it could be a little later than that. In the meantime you’d best be practicing your resolve. Perhaps now would be a good time to try that maze game again?

Source – ChipChick

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