Stairway Art Decorates Your Staircases With Beautiful Climbable Murals Of Paradise

The Etsy proprietors of RiserArt returned from visiting the delightfully adorned stairways at Moraga & 16th Street in San Francisco with an inspired notion.

Over 100 steps individually tiled with brilliant mosaics comprise each stairway, forming a greater naturally themed picture when viewed together from the bottom. It’s a surprisingly easy-to-miss artistic attraction a few blocks south of Golden Gate Park, but it was worth venturing slightly out of the way for the idiosyncratic home-decor concept it sparked.

Each RiserArt set consists of easy-to-install, individually decorated PVC panels with self-adhesive backing that recreates this gorgeous landmark’s vibrant designs in the intimacy of your own home. Each piece sticks to painted or stained-stair risers, wallboard, and similar materials without leaving behind a nasty film or losing adhesion after being removed or adjusted. However, panels should never require more than minor trimming to make each step an ascent scaling a gorgeous work of art, as long as you order the correct size for your stairway.

We haven’t emailed them to ask yet ourselves, but do let us know if RiserArt would be amenable to printing an M.C. Escher set. We like our whimsical ornamentations with just a touch of meta-kitsch.

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