Holo Cube Lets You Hold & Manipulate Holograms In The Palm Of Your Hand

Wow, everyday new amazing technologies are coming out that boggle the mind, Holo Cube is one of these. Although its physical appearance looks much like a very miniature version of the Borg mother ship from Star Trek, don’t let it’s physical appearance fool you to gauge its capabilities to dazzle your senses.

The ‘cube’ comes with a VR headset that brings to life hologram images that are truly nothing less than amazing, and by holding the cube in your hands allows you to directly manipulate the holograms in many ways. For example, created Minecraft worlds can be created, cartoon characters, moving animation pictures of the human anatomy, animals, and you name it, anything can be produced into a hologram and held in your hands.

The potential to use the Holo Cube for educational purposes, gaming and marketing is limitless, which already makes you ponder what “what will they come up with next?” Armed with a VR headset and you smartphone, your world will never be viewed the same again, its amazing.

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