Rocky Rocket Armchair Will Launch Your Child’s Imagination Into Space

The love parents have for their children is boundless, basically, the sky is the limit! Well, there is one way for parents to show the extent of their love, and that is by giving them the ability to launch their dreams into creative space with this adorable rocket armchair.

Rocky Rocket is a truly out-of-this-world uniquely themed furniture for children, and it will surely remind your child of familiar hit movies like “Toy Story”, and the very popular character Buzz Lightyear.

Now your child can imagine that they are journeying to space to save other worlds from harm as a ‘Space Ranger’, just light Buzz. But, more down to earth, Rocky Rocket is also a great way for kids to store all the toys that they play with because the rocket boosters are storage compartments.

The one feature that is really out-of-this-world is that the on board light and sound system is controlled by a smartphone app, which lets parents power-down the rockets when it comes time for bed.

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