Surreal Worlds of Charlie Davoli Turn Reality On Its Head With Only An iPhone

Most of us who grew up during the most revolutionary early years of multimedia phone innovation would likely pause a moment from telling those damn kids to get off our lawns to remember a time when built-in cameras were quaint but unimpressive devices. These spellbinding worlds sewn together from simple iPhone images using fairly basic software show just how far a concept can evolve in about 20 years or so.

Amidst a time before Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were ubiquitous woes of a generation mourning the death rattles of attention spans everywhere, they represented a selling point of convenience more than quality. No one would mistake a guy wielding a first-generation Motorola Razr for the second coming of Ansel Adams, but for any need up to and including quick accident-scene snapshots for insurance purposes or even candid photos of one’s cash and prizes, they more than did the trick in a pinch.

That Charlie Davoli composes his imaginative images using a very accessible toolbox of iPhone apps only makes his surreal landscapes the more impressive.The likes of PsTouch, iDesign, Superimpose and others are his fine brushes for weaving a pine forest beneath water’s crystaline surface, transposing the interstellar beauty of space beyond our orbit onto the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, and the Supertramp-inspired rise of a skyscraper from a coffee cup.

It’s a wonderland of geometry M.C. Escher’s mind-bending geometry just a touch of Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

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