Spreadable Coffee Brings Breakfast A Whole New Caffeine-Free Buzz

You would likely never assume it based on such a delectable innovation as Spreadable Coffee, but the rich, life-affirming taste and jump-starting jolt of fine java were once coveted as rare, exotic pleasures among 16th-century Europe’s royalty and aristocracy. Skip ahead several hundred years, and our inventive mates across the pond offer the world an espresso-laced orange marmalade that elevates crackers, biscuits, bagels and toast to godlike states of flavorful indulgence with all the buzz of a defibrillator paddle and, since it contains no actual caffeine, no disconcerting jitters.

Made in small batches from fresh origins laced with artisan roasted coffee by the Proper Marmalade Company in Devon, each 220g jar of award-winning Spreadable Coffee is guaranteed suitable for vegetarians.

(NOTE – Unfortunately, this particular entry comes with a side of bad news for our Stateside friends: due to international shipping restrictions, Firebox cannot currently ship Spreadable Coffee to U.S. customers. However, being the fine folks they are, we gladly take them at their word when they say they are working on a solution allowing them to ship consumable goods to the United States.)

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