STACYC Electric Balance Bike Gives Kids Stability To Ride The Wild Wind

To a child, a bicycle means nothing less than freedom, but unlike a typical bicycle, an electric motorized bike allows children to reach a whole new experience of freedom and play because it doesn’t limit them to exerting their own power or physical effort to get around.

The STACYC Stability Cycle series of electric bikes allows parents to share the love of motorcycle riding with their small children in a stable and non-intimidating way. These little mini-electric motorcycles are designed with a low seat height, so that children can easily balance themselves when needed, as their feet can easily touch the ground.

There are two models of cycles to choose from. The 12EDrive for kids 3-5years old, and the 16EDrive for ages 4-8 years. Both models can accommodate up to 75 pounds and come with 3 power selection modes that regulate speeds for beginners 5 mph, intermediate 7 mph, and advanced 9-11 mph.

If you want to give your kids the ultimate outdoor fun, then a STACYC Stability Cycle is the perfect gift.

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