Remote Control Cockroach Prank Will Terrify Your Friends

This skeevy Remote Control Cockroach raises only one question: why would anybody buy only one?

Think about the worst-case scenario. Suppose we discreetly scare the bejeezus out of someone with this obedient little bug’s miniature remote control from around 20 to 25 feet away in direct sight of the roach. Although certainly beefier than the real thing, this fleet-footed little guy certainly isn’t too large for a terrified victim to squash the ever-loving hell out of it. If we maxed that distance out, we might not intervene in time to prevent a panic-stricken assailant from reducing our little friend to smithereens. Why wouldn’t we want a few dozen reinforcements on hand to scurry in for vengeance?

Powered by three buttons inside the Remote Control Cockroach and another three in the handheld transmitter, each six-legged minion is controlled by two buttons: one to scuttle it forward and another for side-to-side movement. Just like the real things, these impressive imitations of Mother Nature’s most persistent pests are guaranteed to horrify your friends and cost any conscientious landlord more than a few winks of sleep.

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