Elodie The Unicorn Ramen Bowl Slurps Up Some Magic

Ordinarily, we would regard anyone slurping noodles from the hollowed-out head of a unicorn as the kind of person who dresses to show off an Olympic gold medal in kitten-kicking for a first date. The Elodie the Unicorn Ramen Bowl makes us think we’d be proud to share the medal stand wearing bronze or silver.

Actually, decapitating poor Elodie would seemingly two bowls for the price of one. You could toss your tonkatsu into the larger bowl and have her severed skull smile back at you contentedly as a heat-trapping lid, or you could flip her ceramic, microwave-friendly noggin upside down and use it as a second, smaller bowl. It’s entirely your call! Best of all, the Elodie the Unicorn Ramen Bowl is large enough to hold an entire intact block of instant noodles without breaking it up.

If you lack the rudimentary culinary skills to competently make a bowl of cereal, you’ll never have a friend more conducive to fast, easy meal on a nonexistent budget than the lovely Elodie and her cleaved head.

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