Ramen Noodles Notepad Keep Your Messages Quick And Cheap

When your message has to be as quick, cheap and dirty as a 20-cent pack of noodles, accept no substitute for Ramen Notes.

Are you accustomed to spending a hard-earned dollar on ramen noodles because you refuse to use anything else to compose messages and personal reminders on the fly? Well, knock it off, you cheap-ass weirdo. Who even taught you that crispy noodle bricks are basically the same as paper? Since you are either the MacGyver of office supplies or a dunce raised beneath power lines, we assume this is an ingrained habit deserving of some clever mental trickery.

Every reusable zipper-lock bag of Ramen Notes delivers more than 150 MSG-free sticky notes patterned with the most important, inexplicably satisfying part of any penniless adult’s balanced breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Bask in the tactile satisfaction of doodling and practicing your penmanship without having to choose between letting your roommate know the doctor called about that awkward, itchy rash she brought home from Miami and staving off impoverished starvation until you can donate blood again.

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