Pancakebot 3D Pancake Printer Elevates The Noble Flapjack To Fine Art

Hammacher Schlemmer’s 3D Pancake Printer gloriously fuses the delightful practicality and creativity of automated multi-dimensional construction with nature’s most perfect staple of any balanced breakfast.

This flapjack fabrication griddle measures 19.25 inches long by 10.25 inches wide and strategically dispenses batter in custom-programmed patterns using a mechanism of vacuum suction and compressed air. An exclusive vendor website allows any visionary artist to download personalized designs or any selection from a sizable library of popular symbols, logos and characters to the 3D Pancake Printer’s included SD card. After transferring the pattern to the printer, more intricate controls will allow finicky maestros to delicately fine-tune batter dispensation for more intricate detailing.

After all, when you need to spell out “I want a divorce” to a cheating spouse in pancakes, only an elegantly textured serif font will do for your surprise breakfast breakup.

Each 3D Pancake Printer kit includes a removable griddle, batter container and SD card. Companion software is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

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