Magni-Viewer Doubles A Smartphone Screen’s Size & Spares Our Eyes From Strain

The Magni-Viewer quite nicely addresses our one persistent frustration with watching our favorite movies and television shows on our smartphones: the undeniable realization that, every now and then, size certainly matters.

We would never look a gift horse entirely in the mouth. If you had told our elementary-age selves that we would one day watch six Batman movies, eight Star Wars adventures and 10 blockbuster X-Men films on wireless phones compact enough to fit in our pockets, only our finest Balki Bartokomous impressions would do for telling you to “get out of the city!” As far-flung as it would have sounded at the time, here we are. Still, with all due respect to the astounding first-world luxury streaming video technology affords us, no smartphone yet made delivers astounding resolution befitting the sweeping scope of “Game of Thrones” or the explosive cinematic diarrhea of all five “Transformers” movies across such a woefully small screen.

At the same time, there simply isn’t always room enough in our immediate on-the-go surroundings for a laptop or even a tablet. That’s when the Magni-Viewer saves the day – and your eyes.

First, fire up your streaming app of choice. Next, pop your phone inside the Magni-Viewer and marvel as it magnifies your display to double its original size. Finally, sit back and savor the inexplicable awfulness of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” in all the grandeur the first three movies much more richly deserve. Your Magni-Viewer is large enough for friends to share the viewing enjoyment by your side but compact enough to stow easily in a backpack or messenger bag with plentiful room to spare. For added convenience, the side port allows you to insert a pair of headphones out of consideration surrounding bystanders who could do without Quentin Tarantino explaining the true meaning of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” or a charging cable to spare your device’s battery the rapid drain of lengthy full-screen video playback.

It isn’t exactly mind-bending IMAX 3D, but you have to admit, we have come a long way since playing “Snake” on a Nokia 3310. Thanks, Magni-Viewer.

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Super portable and easy to use

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