Pointillist Artist’s Electronic Pen Vibrates To Create Stunning Art With Ease

It’s true, a genuine artist can make art out of nearly anything, although, the most common form of artwork that most people use to outwardly express their inner creativeness is through drawing.

Well, if you dabble with pens, pencils, and paper, then you will be very interested to know there is a new and easier way to express your artist self, with the Pointillist Artist Electronic Pen.

Sounds ‘pointless’ to draw with a pen without a point, but you can. Instead of a pointed pen that applies a single ink dot of ink at a time, this pen uses ink gel and can lay down 600 ink dots per minute to paper.

This allows for some amazing drawing techniques to be applied in a short amount of time, at a pace that cannot be accomplished with traditional ‘pointed’ art pens.

Gel from the pen is pumped out electronically, and a full charge will last you about 30 minutes of continuous drawing. And, it conveniently uses a USB port to recharge its battery, which takes about 20 minutes for a full charge.

To really get the grasp of what this pen can do, there is a video you can check out that will surely get to the ‘point’ of what makes this pen so special.




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