Spectacles Sunglasses With Video Camera That Wirelessly Uploads Videos To Snapchat

The problem with mobile cameras is obvious, you either have to mount these on to a bike frame, a car dashboard, or somewhere in view of what you want to video – yourself in action.

Well, a truly effective, hands-free camera for fun action video taking should be easy to use, a video camera that won’t get in the way, and that will always capture what you see, while you’re seeing and doing ‘it’ – living life and having fun with your friends.

That is exactly what ‘Spectacles’ is – sunglasses with an integrated camera that lets you take videos of what you see, as you see it. And, you can upload your videos using an app with either Bluetooth or WiFi.

It’s simple and fun to use, all you have to do is put on your sunglasses, open the front door, step outside, and record whenever you feel like it, effortlessly, without using your hands.









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These are not your ordinary sunglasses

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