Marijuana Bluetooth Speaker Puts Some Buzz In Your Ears When Your High On Music

November represents a time of renewed hope for sensibility in public policy among many states across America. It is a time when Election Day typically offers at least one opportunity for citizens to fully legalize recreational and/or medicinal marijuana in one more jurisdiction.

This year, a combined nine states’ ballots will host cannabis-related initiatives, including five states voting whether or not to end prohibitions on recreational marijuana. on Let’s face it, the way the main-event presidential election is playing out this year in particular, a whole lot of people will be delighted to toke a whole new level of pain away, with or without a prescription.

Whether you mourn your state’s failure to pass the bud and relax or mellow out in celebration, you can’t go wrong with this Marijuana Bluetooth Speaker. It’s a 3-watt portable sound system in the shape of a pot leaf stocked with an amplifier and subwoofer delivering impressive-sounding wireless audio from an Bluetooth-enabled device you choose. Should you not have a connected gadget handy, worry not. The auxiliary input supports any iPod, iPad, or MP3 player under the sun.

Hey, if you’ve got weed on the brain, lets have some weed with your coffee and share the buzz with your ears.

(NOTE: May or may not also be a potentially ingenious bong in a pinch. Not that we’ve gotten curious and tried or anything.)

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