Pop Culture Coffee Drawings Are the Perfect Homage to the 21st Century

Every child born in the last couple of decades probably has memories of being ten years old, hopped up on caffeine and playing Super Mario until their fingers bled.

Whether or not this is healthy is a subject for debate but the fact remains that Mario and coffee are pretty much etched in the Nation’s collective unconscious at this point (as Jung would put it). We are both literally and metaphorically wired and you love it.

That’s probably why Maria A. Aristidou (maybe of the Super Maria Bros.?) decided to create some awesome pop-culture-inspired works of art using just coffee. From House, to Disney to Star Wars, these images in the medium of coffee are at once spectacular and an oddly fitting tribute to the current generation.

It’s not all pop culture though. Maria has also created some impressive images in the likeness of celebrities, animals and more. They’re incredibly detailed regardless of the medium and presumably they also must smell delicious…

Maria also has her own Instagram where you can check out tons more images like these. If you love caffeine and Super Mario then you definitely should give her a follow!

Source – Foodbeast via Maria Aristidou

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