Mini Bottle Shot Glasses Tanks Up Any Boozed-Up Bar Or Sloshed Shot Glass Collection

Many people are fans of the mini bottles of alcohol available on planes, in hotel rooms, and at liquor stores. They are convenient and a good way to try many different flavors without paying for a large bottle. Now, you can get your favorite mini bottle handmade into a shot glass that adds character and personality to your set.

These mini bottle shot glasses are handmade custom for you. You can choose from popular brands like Kraken, Grey Goose, Jameson, Ketel One and more! If your favorite isn’t listed, it can be custom made as long as the mini bottle exists. Each bottle is specially cut and rolled to make a smooth, safe, well-shaped shot glass. Want more than one? Sure! Sets are available for order as well and can include how ever many glasses as you want. These cute shot glasses are a great addition to your collection.

Since each glass is custom made by hand you know that you’ll get a high-quality, beautiful product. These make great stocking stuffers around Christmas time, wedding gifts, birthday presents, or a great gift for college students. Everyone will love drinking their favorite shot out of the matching mini bottle shot glass. Guests will wonder where you got them and love getting to use them. These are a unique conversation starter at parties as well and might just land you a date! If you love shot glasses (or maybe just what’s inside) you’ll love these mini bottle shot glasses.

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