Dry Brew Chewable Coffee Lets You Get Your Caffeine Fix In A Bite

If you’ve ever had to rush off to work without time to brew a hot cup of coffee, you know how miserable the day will be. Coffee is a staple and even necessary ingredient to a good morning. For those bored with traditional coffee or who don’t have enough time, caffeine alternatives often leave a lot to be desired. Energy shots are bad for your health and coffee candy usually tastes good but is lacking in the caffeine department. Dry Brew Coffee Chews to the rescue!

These incredible coffee candies are unlike any product on the market. Each chew is a little larger than a Tootsie Roll and has a texture similar to taffy. As you pop the candy into your mouth, you’ll find that it isn’t just another coffee-flavored candy. The Dry Brew Coffee Chew has the real, bold flavor of a cup of joe. Made with a dark roast balanced with sweetened milk, each chew has real coffee flavor to arouse your taste buds in the morning.

The best part? Each candy contains 65 milligrams of that all precious caffeine. That’s right, each chew is equivalent to a small cup of coffee in terms of caffeine. These delicious candies are made right here in the USA and are not harmful to your health. If you’re running low on time in the morning or need a quick boost in the afternoon, chew a few Dry Brew Chews and instantly be re-energized. The caffeine and flavor in these chews is unrivaled by any product on the market. You’ll love the taste and energy of the Dry Brew Coffee Chew.

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