3D Batman Mask Light Puts The Dark Knight On Your Wall Watching Over Your Gotham

Normal night lights are boring. They plug in at shin-level to an outlet and let off a boring yellow glow. No one wants to be called a baby for still sleeping with a night light. Well you don’t have to worry about that with this (dark) knight light. Batman will be there to scare off any frights in the night as his mask hangs from the wall, looking down over the scene.

This unique Batman mask light is easy to install and is a great item to add in any room. The eyes of the mask light up using high-efficiency LED bulbs that never need replacing. This also helps keep it from heating up after prolonged use, making it safe and worry free. By day the mask looks great on the wall by itself as a tribute to the Caped Crusader himself. By night, the lights add a whole new level of cool to this item.

Included in the package is an awesome 3D crack sticker as well. It makes it look like the mask was slammed into the wall to remain there forever. Fortunately, the sticker is lifelike enough that you only need to use a few screws to actually keep the mask on the wall. The LED’s are powered by 3 AA batteries that are much cheaper than running it off of an outlet. For any Batman fan or for anyone a little scared of the dark, this Batman deco light is a great find.

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Not the night light you deserve, but the night light you need!

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