The Iron Throne Egg Cup Lets You Eat Breakfast Westeros Style

For thousands of years, the swords of fallen enemies were melted and forged into a throne greater than any the world had ever seen: The Iron Throne. Good eggs and bad eggs have sat upon it, but there is no doubt about what lies within them all. Delicious yolk and fluffy white complete with protein that makes for a great breakfast meal. You’ll love eating your breakfast egg out of this Iron Throne egg cup.

For those who aren’t familiar, egg cups are very popular in Europe for breakfast. The egg is traditionally soft boiled, the top is removed, and the egg is placed into the cup for eating. The eater than uses a special spoon to eat the egg directly from the shell while the egg cup holds it in place. Okay, enough history… back to the Iron Throne.

This miniature replica of the sharpest throne in the world holds your egg in perfect eating position. You can determine if your egg is worthy to sit upon the Iron Throne and then feast either way. Just be careful not to choke (RIP Joffrey… just kidding he had it coming). As you savor the gold within you’ll find it difficult not to think of breakfast and egg themed Game of Thrones puns. For example, Sir Eggor Cleagane. You’re welcome.

If eggs aren’t your thing, you’ll certainly find something to rest upon this miniature Iron throne. Try using it as a display for Game of Thrones figurines or LEGO characters. Maybe use it as a stand for sticky notes. The possibilities are endless. For any friend of the crown, this is a must.

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