Vehicle Backup Wireless Camera Gives You Eyes In The Back Of Your… Car

Sure the kids think you have eyes in the back of your head. You seem to catch the little things that they think were ultra stealthy. However, when it comes to driving that can be a lot more challenging. Unless you have a brand new car built within the last few years, chances are you don’t have a built in backup camera. If it isn’t time to get a new car, this handy device acts as a workaround and lets you see what’s behind you in real time.

The tiny wireless camera is built into a license plate holder (a really unique idea) to hold it sturdily to the back of your vehicle. This makes it compatible with nearly every car and installation doesn’t cause damage to your paint. All you have to do is unscrew your license plate, then slide on the camera and replace the plate.

Once it is mounted, the camera provides you with a live video feed to an included dashboard monitor. The video comes in at 640 x 480 resolution and boasts a tremendous 110-degree view angle. Even better, it has manual tilt control so you can see where you need to. The camera is able to operate in temperatures from 14 F to 122 F. It is powered by built in solar panels, and the monitor plugs in to your cigarette lighter so you don’t need to worry about charging. If you need eyes in the back of your car but still love that old car, this wireless camera and monitor duo is the answer.

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