Mystery Science Theater 3000 Doormat Is The Perfect Addition To Your Satellite Of Love

You just finished an old, somewhat confusing, rather odd, particularly peculiar sci-fi movie. You get up and walk to the bathroom, and your feet hit ice cold tile. Hmmm you think, I could really use a rug. Then it hits, your flash of inspiration. Maybe watching that movie wasn’t a waste of time after all. You think of an old friend, Joel and his life in a satellite around the Earth’s orbit. That’s right folks, Mystery Science Theater 3000. Whether you live inside a round satellite or a square home, this mat inspired by the classic TV show will keep your feet off of that cold tile and your mind off of that awful movie.

This round rug makes a statement in any room. Departure from a standard rectangle rug lets your friends know that you don’t conform to the standards of those who relish in poor movies. This rug’s bright blue and shadowy colors resemble a moon and the words Mystery Science Theater 3000 are bold across the front. Its black trim border helps make it durable and keep from unraveling. Underneath, the rubberized backing of the mat makes it less likely to move so you don’t have to worry about slipping. Sure they stunt guys from that movie made a big deal about falling on a loose rug, but you don’t have to. If you have feet and eyes they will surely thank you for this awesome rug. Great for fans of the show or anyone looking for an alternative to your Mom’s boring tan rug, this mat is sure to please.

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Satellite of Love-ly!

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