Guitar Grip Reinvents The Guitar Wall Hanger With A Creepy Clutch

You need to ‘get a grip’, for your guitar – a Guitar Grip. Finding space to stand your guitar can be a hassle, especially without is taking up more space in an already small area. This is true for a lot of musicians that live in large cities where small apartment are the norm, but even those with the luxury of a large room or music studio may find it difficult to manage the many guitars they store. Thankfully, they have a helping hand to make storing guitars easier.

This guitar hand-shaped grip is truly unique, just like the musician who will surely use them. To see a hand reaching out from the wall is really an eye catcher; its stylish and very useful because hanging your guitars can save much-needed space, and it helps prevent your guitar from potential damage when laying it against the wall.

While wall mounted guitar hangers are nothing new, designing them to look like realistic hands is definitely a new idea. The hand guitar hangers are made by artistic people who appreciated physical detail, and you can confirm that by simply looking at some of the realistic details found in these wall hand-hangers.

You will surely find one that fits your fancy, such as the zombie hand, the Grim Reaper hand, or your choice of colorful hand shaped guitar wall hangers.


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A ghastly grip elevates your axe

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