Magnetic Sand Timer Hourglass Creates 60 Seconds Of Impossible Creations

If time could manifest into a tangible form inside an hourglass, what would we see?

Would it really be little more than the smooth surface of a single perfect dune? Or would we see something as dynamic as the passage of time itself, a physical representation of every small moment being drawn into the next, piling into an intricate and unique mosaic of seconds bound together by causality?

Perhaps a less daunting query: if we could watch a minute pass through this Magnetic Hourglass, would we really ponder such metaphorical implications for the nature of time, or would we simply agree that the formations shaped by the attractions of the ferrous sands are just really damn cool?

Inside this glass hour glass are magnetic iron filings that  take precisely 60 seconds to bloom into a unique design that sand by itself cannot do. Watch as the black iron inside forms into seemingly impossible formations.

Magnetic Sand Timer Hourglass (1)Magnetic Sand Timer Hourglass (2)

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