Human Pinball Suits Bring Bigtime Bouncing Battles In Bubbles

Now that winter is a good ways back in our rearview mirror, those of us not so lucky to live in locales that split their years between six months each of “summer” and “spring” are still caroming off every hard surface in sight now that we can play outside again.

After a few months of hyperactively burning off pent-up winter restlessness resulting in more than a few concussions, our mothers tapped Hammacher Schlemmer to offer us these inflatable Human Pinball Suits before our ongoing performance art LARP of “Tommy” becomes any more of a danger to ourselves and others.

We never knew true invincibility until we wrapped ourselves in a durably cushioned PVC air bubble that blows up ready for battle with an electric pump in just five minutes. Each red and blue transparent ball inflates to an 18″-diameter central chamber that accommodates up to 22 lbs. with a supportive belt, two rope handles inside each chamber, and shoulder straps. The design strategically exposes the lower legs and feet to maximize maneuverability with every slam and the top of the head for ideal visibility.

Also great for cosplaying as a circa-“Bubble Boy” Jake Gyllenhaal.

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