Grubstick Roasting Stick Changes The Way We Play With Fire (And Food)

Minutes after discovering the miracle of fire, you can be sure the next objective on the list for man’s prehistoric forebears was inventing something to hold over a flame while certain unmentionable parts of a recently killed male mammoth roasted on the business end. If anyone ever tells you humanity has advanced disappointingly little since then, rest assured that Cynical Cynthia has never experienced the utilitarian culinary masterpiece known as the Grubstick.

Even its name is utterly superb: “Grubstick” – literally, a stick for your grub. Slogans don’t come any more adept at explaining a product in as few words as possible, except possibly “Cook food with fire. Yum!”

Extending up to 37 feet, the last roasting stick you will ever need is fashioned from high-grade stainless steel and designed for use with three nifty included attachments. For simple skewering, attach the Grubfork. To toast gourmet-quality s’mores, stack your ingredients inside the Grubcage and latch the lid to turn your treat with ease without it falling apart and into the fire. When it’s time to turn your roasted snack loose, use the release tool to safely open the Grubcage without singing your digits.

Campfire favorites from hot dogs to bacon-wrapped Brussel sprouts, crepes or even makeshift cannoli and every delectable delight in between have never been so easy or fun to prepare. The dishwasher-safe Grubstick also comes with a handy drawstring backpack for convenient travel and storage.

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