Trono Inflatable Chair Is Like A Cloud That Inflates In 3 Seconds

Prior to our introduction to the TRONO Inflatable Lounge Chair, we had held onto a soundly internalized conviction that any air-filled furniture other than a trusty air mattress for travel and incidental instances was the stuff of a destitute college student who had perfectly good books, tuition, beer and condoms they could put to better use for the same amount of money spent on permanent furniture.

We have now set aside this space to humbly apologize for dismissing inflatable furniture far too swiftly. This thing rules.

Frankly, almost any other inflatable accoutrement’s comfort level barely acquits it of the annoying inflation process. The TRONO Inflatable Lounge Chair fits neatly into any spacious backpack pouch and fills itself with air using an internal contraption that only requires anyone to hold its mouth wide open and seal it after taking a few steps to allow it to fully inflate.


In literally no more than about 10 seconds, you have a seat resembling a classic beanbag lounger. Talk about durable, too: the TRONO Inflatable Lounge Chair is actually designed with outdoor use in mind, right down to triple-coated nylon construction, double-stitched seams and an extra-wide profile that comfortably accommodate a number of positions without being threatened by puncturing grass, sand or pavement, with or without the optional protective mat. For an even more cushy feel, it also comes with a zippered, water-repellent suede cover to provide an extra-pleasant seating surface along the resting sections.

The TRONO Inflatable Lounge Chair also washes in any laundry machine safely, so don’t sweat any minor spills. However, be advised that you may need to briefly refill your seat after around four hours. When stowed inside its carrying bag, the chair weighs a mere 1.7 pounds but supports up to 330 pounds when fully inflated.

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Inflates In Seconds

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