Moving Liquid Floor Tiles Creates Trippy Colors With Every Dance Step

A word of warning for our adult readers: Art3D’s Moving Liquid Floor Tiles are either the best or worst idea ever for grown-ups prone to getting thoroughly zonked on various psychoactive drugs of choice. Take your capacity to handle your high into honest consideration before digging these super-dense tiles filled with malleable tactile-sensitive liquid that spreads and smooshes in groovy visual effects when one touches each square’s surface. Fortunately, an anti-slip PVC mat lines the back of each tile to hold it in place without adhering to your floor, making them perfect for creating self-styled portable dance floors suited to any occasion or convenient distractions for kids who love to stomp and roll on things.

Moving Liquid Floor Tiles by Art3D are available in a variety of colors and sizes to match just about any preference. For reference, the ones you see here measure 12 inches to a side.

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