Giant Gummy Bear Pool Float For One Sweet Summer

Yeah, it always starts this way. By “it”, we of course mean every “inanimate object comes to life and terrorizes innocent-but-oblivious family” movie ever made. Mark our words and mark them well, children, the Giant Gummy Bear Pool Float will only end in tragedy.

Sure, you’ll look upon this positively delicious-looking unassuming five-foot-long ursa’s derpy, lolling tongue and think, “Aww, how sweet! I just want to float around and go splashin’ in the big candy bear all day long!”

Have you people never seen how a Venus flytrap works? Right when you situate your sun-kissed buns in its clutches, this thing will come to life and…and…

Aw, who are we kidding? What a way to go. Whether it means to come to life and crush our bones to dust or not, we want us some giant gummy bear hugs RIGHT DAMN NOW!


Source – BigMouthInc

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