Domino’s Easy Order Button Orders Pizza In A Second

It’s easy for us to sometimes wonder, have we pressed our pursuit of ultimate lifestyle convenience too far? After all, when more than half the Domino’s customers worldwide place their orders by way of the pizza chain’s mobile app, the writing is on the wall: convenience is king, and Domino’s has a storied history of making fast delivery an art form.

That being said, did we really need “The Easy Order”, an actual physical button that acts like the Life Alert emergency-call button of greasy goodness? Necessary or not, Domino’s has begun testing the one-click ordering system in the UK to dispatch ass-enlarging goodness to any doorstep where it’s needed.

Of course, there is still the virtual equivalent on the app, as well. For those who marvel at what modern communication technology makes tangibly possible, however, Flic has developed a little programmable magnetic button in a box that, depending on the desired application, could just as easily have been re-purposed as a snooze button for a phone’s alarm or taking an instant photo. Domino’s, on the other hand, will pair it by Bluetooth to a device’s downloaded app to transmit a customer’s address, payment details, and a custom order. This is not unlike the Amazon Dash buttons for instant ordering of products.

Domino’s will roll out the physical buttons this December in a first wave led by a “social” competition of some as-yet unsubscribed kind. A second wave will follow in February 2016. American customers can already order in a similar one-click fashion via the app, text, smart TV, connected car systems, and yes, even emoji.

Source – Engadget via Dominos UK

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