Football Flask Lets You Pass Drinks To Your Friends For The Ultimate Tailgating Party

Touchdown! We’re smashed.It is hard not to get worked-up during football season, especially when your favorite team is playing. And when you have a bunch of friends around, whether it is at home, at poolside, at a park, or when you’re tailgating-it, passing a much-needed drink to a friend can be tricky against a line-up of enthusiastic fans.

Thankfully, you can step back from the pocket, find your friend, and then pass them a drink with the football flask. It looks and feels like a real football, made of soft foam as not to hurt your hand when trying to catch it. The flask inside that can hold 10 oz of the fizzy golden elixir. Just unscrew the silicone cap, pour the ‘goodness’ inside, close the cap, find your target, and throw the pass! The container is BPA-free and designed to be reusable for easy cleaning for each and every game of the season. It fits comfortably in your hand at 9.5″ x 5″.

Best yet, its designed to give you that perfect spiral when passing around the drink across the room, or parking lot. It’s a great way to enjoy good football fun with friends, and it’s guaranteed to add life to any tailgate or house party.

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Touchdown! Fill it, Throw it, Drink it

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