Gigantic Cat Mask Has A Big Head Just Like Your Pet Does, Yet, Frighteningly Adorable

Animal behaviorists have openly theorized that domesticated cats likely perceive their owners as bizarre, bipedal felines of freakish proportions. What might come across as an air of preternaturally arrogant regality might actually be our pets just not knowing what to make of us.

In which case, BigMouth Inc. has just the thing to really make your four-legged roommate wonder, “What in the actual f*** was in that catnip?”: a cartoonishly gigantic cat mask measuring 20 inches across, making this massive face somehow larger than the full length of some flesh-and-blood kitties we’ve met.

Believe it or not, it’s pretty comfortable, too. The stretch band on the back side and lightweight material allow it to fit heads of nearly any size with ample padding and no strainer on the bearer’s neck. Screw saving this for Halloween and “training” our own cats not to go near the aquarium by jumping out from behind it and letting Pussyzilla stare the little assholes down right when they think it’s time for some sushi to go. We kind of want to slip this on in rush hour and see how many accidents we cause.

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