Felt Fairy Tale Cat Houses Both Hobbitses & Dr. Seuss Fans Would Love

Ukrainian Artist’s Handmade Felt Cat Caves Are Seussian Treat to Owners As Much As Their Pets

Cat owners around the world, let’s just all admit it at once: the feline roommates who tolerate us barely as long as we keep the food topped up – even then, only until they figure can-openers out for themselves – could scarcely care less how anything we give them actually looks. We are the only ones entertained by how cutesy some of this crap is because exploring the boxes the kingly gifts arrived in has already consumed the attention of the furry little assholes five minutes after we unpack and occasionally painstakingly assemble our offered tokens of appeasement.

We can’t help but believe something similar applies to the fine folks who design colorfully adorable cat furniture such as Ukranian artist Yuliya Kosata’s whimsical felt cat caves.

You know something? Screw it. If crafting little pet shelters that resemble Bag End as envisioned by Dr. Seuss satisfies your creativity, we salute you. At least these cozy, fuzzy dens provide our fur-babies places to lay their heads between naps and knocking crap off shelves. Plus, it’s hard not to appreciate the imagination Kosata clearly pours into each quaint little hut. This is all saying nothing of our own secret joy discovered reciting “Lord of the Rings” dialogue or “The Cat in the Hat” with squeaky voices while watching our frisky little bundles of smug superiority wander in and out of their sanctuaries as they please.

Yes, we could definitely fill our homes with these for our own amusement as much as our cats’ comfort.

Note, at the time of posting this, the artist is completely sold out, probably due to the holidays and overwhelming requests, however, she is still going to start accepting orders once she plays a bit of catch up.

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