Row Garden Cloche Is A Mini Greenhouse That Protects Plants From Harsh Weather And Pests

Maintaining a garden isn’t as easy as it seems, there is a lot to consider, such as the weather, the types of plants, and the local pests. The main problem small gardens face is the weather, especially in areas where cold temperatures are common. Not only chilling winds, but garden plants are also in danger from animals and pests.

If you maintain a garden, then you know how fragile plants are. However, growing vegetables and herbs is easier when using a study cover to keep them warm during cold weather, and will protect them from animals such as birds, dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents.

The Row Garden Cloche is a great gardening aid, when placed over plants it becomes a mini-greenhouse that helps to protect them from harsh weather. Ideally used as a way to plant earlier in spring, the cloche has adjustable vents to prevent overheating as the temperature rises.

If you could use a little help in the garden, then the Row Garden Cloche has got you covered, year after year, through all types of weather.

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Protect those budding veggies!

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