Denture Bracelet & Teeth Accessories Maximize Your Creepy Dentist Wardrobe

There’s very much a history of human beings fashioning trophies and wearable trinkets from other human beings. That’s how we here at Unique Hunters choose to rationalize Denture Bracelets.

On the one hand, no, these wrist adornments available now from Etsy crafter ConcaveOblivion are not repurposed dentures stolen right from their gummy homes in some poor newly toothless stranger’s mouth. On the other, we could certainly understand how someone would mistake them for dental appliances that were never meant to be worn this way: each bracelet is handmade from dental acrylic and polished to high-shine finish.

But wait! There’s more! The Denture Bracelet is the latest decidedly creepy accessory in an uncomfortably versatile line of products designed to look like they were fabricated from human teeth and gums. Feel free to complement your bauble with a comb, ring, compact, mirror, iPhone case or even eyeglasses all made to guarantee you’ll never have to fight for elbow room on the subway or a front-and-center seat in church.

Denture Bracelet 2Denture Comb 1Denture Comb 2Denture Compact Mirror 2Denture Compact MirrorDenture GlassesDenture iPhone CaseDenture Rings 1Denture Rings 2Denture Rings 3

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