Cuttlelola Electric Dots Pen Is An Illustrators Stippling Wonder Pen

Do you like drawing? If you do, then this Cuttlelola Electric Dots Pen is a new fun tool that will let you express your passion in a new Seurat way. It works using a miniature coil-driven radial movement nib that lays down dots as you draw, thus turning even your doodling into amazing Seurat artwork.

It’s light-speed compared to manually pecking dots down on paper, making it an ideal new tool for anyone whose passion it is to draw. Basically, it saves artists time, and prevents those who like to draw with dots from experiencing hand fatigue, so it can be said it’s a ‘handy’ automatic tool for artists.

One of the main features of the pen is the ability to adjust how far apart the dots are when you draw, and it has two speeds, so you can better control tracing lines and curves, or for filling up an area quickly. Recharging the battery is easy, just plug it into a USB port, and in 15-20 minutes your ready to draw, once fully charge, you can draw for up to 30 minutes.

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