The Slate Uses Your Favorite Pen To Transform Paper Drawings To Digital Instantly

Technology is helping mankind in many wonderful way, in sports, in transportation, in healthcare, in music and in art. However, when it come to technology and art, technology has been limited, especially in regards to painting and drawing. Of course, there are computer programs that help create pictures and colorful computer artwork, and these creations can be printed on paper.

The problem for artist who draw is obvious, the technology to draw and sketch with an electric pen on a tablet is limited and prevents artists from creating on paper or canvas, like they are accustomed too. Not anymore, with the Slate – the pen of the future – artists can now draw on their sketch pad, which is placed on the Slate, and then see their creations are reproduced instantly on an iPad.

The best part about the Slate, it is a simple small ring shaped device that slips onto any pen or pencil you are using. It then takes your motions from drawing and sketching and digitizes them, exactly as you draw. From there, you can alter your drawings anyway you wish, the implication and uses are many.

As you explore the possibilities of the Slate, you will begin to understand the ways this technology can benefit you. Basically, the pen of the future is a ring that translates your drawings on paper into digitized pictures.



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