BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System Let You Wash Your Dog Anywhere With Much Less Mess

Dogs come in all sizes, and for larger dogs, keeping them clean can be more than a chore, especially for long-haired frisky dogs. Not to mention that finding a location to wash your dog, other than the bathtub, can be tricky as well because of the ‘usual’ mess that goes with the whole dog washing process.

Well, if you are a dog owner, then you know what its like trying to keep your precious pet clean, giving them a bath is a chore, but no more, thanks to the new Barkbath Portable Dog Bath System!

No more looking for a place to wash your dog or worrying about making a mess you’ll have to clean up after, the Barkbath eliminates all those concerns. Now, you can bathe your dog anywhere, with literally no mess to clean up, it’s a dream come true for dog owners. It cleans a 80lb+ dog with less than 48 oz of water vs traditional bathing in a tub which can use up to 19 gallons of water.

This portable bathing system has a specially designed nozzle that looks similar to a vacuum cleaner, and it sprays water and shampoo beneath your dog’s fur and down to the skin, while at the same time sucking away all the dirt and water, so there is no mess. It’s a genius idea, and it works using only 48oz of water to bathe a dog up to 80 lbs.

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