Creepy Skulls Carved Out Of Fruit & Vegetables Are Deliciously Horrific

Russian artist Dimitri Taykalov may be on to something, here.

See, not all of us are happily raising broods of our own. In fact, some of us feel like being willfully childless and often single sets us aside in our breeder friends’ minds as being babysitting options of first resort. This cuts drastically into one evening after another of watching “Ghostbusters II” over a case of Four Loko and waking up to play our favorite game, “Why Am I Dripping With Goo?”

We’re thinking that kids can go positively giddy over some pretty dark, odd stuff. Therefore, we promise to always abide by this example. When you leave your squealing little younglings in our care, we can just about guarantee we’ll have them eating fruits and vegetables with genuine glee.

How, you ask?

We’ll carve the produce into little skulls. Remember this the next time you try to force-feed your now-burgeoning little serial killer eggplant after a weekend with one of us.

If you do a job badly enough the first time, you aren’t likely to get asked to do it a second.

P.S. – Theresa, little Kyle and Blair are really, really good at “Why Am I Dripping With Goo?” Be proud. Or maybe worried.

Source – SoBadSoGood via Dimitri Tsykalov

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