“Star Wars” 3D Holodisplay Brings The Trench Run, Kylo Ren Home With Stunning Resolution

We’re going to go ahead and indulge our urges to upsell these incredible “Star Wars” 3D Holodisplays. Just trust us, we could recommend strongly enough that you all first order the spectecular Trench Run Hologram Display Base, then spare just a few extra clicks to add on the optional Kylo Ren hologram for a perfect action-packed pair of unforgettable images.

Given the startling advancements in holographic technology over the past five years or so, we can’t help but harbor a hunch that this imaginative piece of “Star Wars” memorabilia might as well be just the beginning of a march toward fully functional, interactive displays. Powered by any USB port and equal to a Wacom tablet or small scanner in size, the holodisplay’s acrylic screen is topped with a thin hologram substrate that could be easily mistaken for a typical protective film. DO NOT REMOVE IT. When the Display Base is propped open, that’s the element that combines with a 3 watt, 107 lumen single-die LED and two 114mW, 6 lumen white emission LEDs to project the full-parallax 3D hologram of your choosing on a black gloss acrylic screen.

Please note, the Kylo Ren Hologram is an OPTIONAL add-on. It will not work without the Display Base-Trench Run Hologram combo.

With a hasse-free setup requiring no special glasses or advanced technical know-how, the “Star Wars” 3D Holodisplay is the most striking way to relive the grand saga’s adventures in three dimensions without having R2-D2 and BB-8 on constant call for your entertainment.

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Star Wars fans can now take fandom to a whole other level

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