Creepy Human Head GIFs Are Nightmare Fuel You Can’t Stop Watching

Thanks, Adam Pizurny. If there was just one question that prodded our minds from the moment we woke up today, it was, “What could the halls of our dreams run yellow with ‘fraidy-urine?”

Inspired by what we suspect to be a combination of boredom, imagination, and a compulsion to prove that just about anybody could craft something more terrifying than “Hellraiser: Revelations”, the digital artist let the most peculiar gremlins of his mind play with Blender 3D rendering software to produce this unsettling collection of cranial-manipulation GIFs. Your mind might bend watching these animations, but at least it isn’t melting, swelling, or exploding in a flourish that would make David Cronenberg mutter, “Yeeeeeeesh….”

For his part, Pizurny explained that he’s simply out to tinker with objects until they look “interesting”. Well, that’s certainly one word….

Source – SoBadSoGood via Adam Pizurny


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