Expressiv Infinity Guitar Is The MIDI Guitar Of The Future

Well, there is a new electric guitar in town and it is totting to be the future of midi guitars, as it just may be the world’s most advanced MIDI guitar system out there. Oh, and it has all real strings and frets, and it produces amazing ‘real’ guitars sounds, but if you just want to use the MIDI sound modules with it, it is as easy as plug and play.

If you want to take your guitar performance to the next few levels, then the Expressiv Infinity Guitar will do just that. It is loaded with a sound box with thousands of new sounds, all available at the tips of your finger, to work out that funky music you got playing in your head.

It’s sleek, stylish and its packing an onboard 16Mhz processor to handle all the ‘awesomeness’ you will create weaving thousands of sounds together.

Expressiv Infinity GuitarExpressiv Infinity Guitar (7)Expressiv Infinity Guitar (6)Expressiv Infinity Guitar (5)Expressiv Infinity Guitar (4)Expressiv Infinity Guitar (3)Expressiv Infinity Guitar (2)

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