Pilot Real-Time Universal Language Translator Earpiece Is Right Out Of Star Trek

As language made possible higher levels of human civilization, a lack of understanding other nations’ languages has been the cause of many wars. Even on a personal level, misunderstanding an individual who speaks another language is always frustrating, especially when you want to comprehend what they are saying.

Amazingly, technology is being used in ways that actually help to bridge the chasm that exists between people of two different languages, it’s called the Pilot – an earpiece that actually translates a persons language into another language in real-time, as they are speaking.

It’s incredible! The Pilot is a universal translator that will slowly bring the world together, eliminating the language barrier altogether. Meet and talk to anyone, anywhere, and you will be able to understand them, the earpiece syncs with an app from Waverly Labs that allows you to toggle between languages spoken to you into your own native tongue.

This truly amazing earpiece is much-anticipated, and the company will sell them by the pair at a first come first serve basis. So, if you want to prepare for a trip oversees, then make sure you get your name on the company’s waiting list for a universal translator of your own, before you go. Pilot Smart Earpiece Language Translator (3)Pilot Smart Earpiece Language Translator (2)

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