Chef Creates Creepy Menu Worn All Over His Face For Visual Consumption

Looking at a restaurant menu is like choosing a show to watch on Netflix. Our eyes glaze over at the pages of choices presented to us and instead of piquing our curiosity we just go with what we know i.e. a burger or watching 30 Rock again.

Chef Robbie Postma, of J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, and artist Robert Harrison have managed to combat that choice paralysis in the most creative way possible. With MENU they’ve created starkly beautiful, lush, haunting images of each dish. With zero digital enhancements every dish was painstakingly recreated by hand with real ingredients directly onto the chef’s face.

An ambitious project completed over the course of a year and a successful marriage of multiple artistic disciplines and direction to bring you MENU. A usually prosaic affair but in an age of superheroes on every screen and a screen in every pocket it’s a change worth looking at. It’s up to you to decide whether the images compel you to try any of their aperitifs and dishes, but suffice to say your eyes won’t glaze over.

Source – Foodiggity via Adweek

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