Airbus Pop.Up VTOL Vehicle To Be Operational Within 7 Years

Get ready for change, the Pop.Up is here – a new ground to air transportation concept that will literally change the way mankind gets around. The system consists of 3 main components that each have their own battery powered systems. The passenger capsule, a 4-wheel ground module, and an air module that has eight electrical counter-rotating rotors.

Both the air and ground modules effortlessly connect to the passenger capsule, allowing people to drive or fly when needed. Basically, the inspiration behind this vertical take-off and landing vehicle (VTOL) is the fact that the world is getting congested with ground traffic. And, as more mega-cities come on-line, the problem of traffic congestion will just get worse, unless, new concept transportation vehicles such as the Airbus Pop.Up are not developed, soon.

It is amazing technology that is slated to be fully available in about 7 years! Initially, the Airbus will shuttle people to airports and transportation terminals, but as time passes, the sky is the limit in where these new VTOL vehicles can go.

Source – Airbusgroup

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