Cannonball Beer Growler Is Da Bomb Of Drinking

Have a blast next time you plan on drinking with some friends with this unique ceramic Cannonball Beer Growler, it is designed and aimed at making it easier for people to store 64 fl. oz. in refrigerators and coolers.

Patterned after a cannonball because its spherical shape provides the least surface area to volume ratio, the beer growler makes it easy to transport a ½ gallon of your favorite beer in the smallest container possible. Strong and airtight, it is made from stoneware clay and sports a cam-lever bottle top – an invention by Robert Hemingray (1886).

If you are proud to support 100% American made products, then you will be happy to know that the Cannonball Ceramic Growler is completely manufactured in the United States of America, and not one part is made in China.

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