Barrel Mug Is A Rustic-Classy Way To Serve Swill In Handcrafted Style

Our appreciation for this handcrafted Barrel Mug only begins with the fact that each is a 100% unique piece, made individually from American white oak slats and lined with stainless steel in Manassas, Va. Every mug is a guaranteed one-of-a-kind product of top-quality materials that won’t alter any beverage’s taste, from passable lagers to artfully blended spirits.

What more could we possibly love about a singular mug with none other exactly like it? Simple: we get to pretend we’re giants drinking from normal-sized casks and downing Maker’s Mark the way we normally pound coffee.

Each mug holds 16 fl. oz. of whatever liquid refreshment you choose. Since each and every mug is “made-to-order” by hand, expect some minor variations within the same exceptional standards for quality. The Barrel Mug is not dishwasher-safe.

barrel-mug-2 barrel-mug-1

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Viking Helmets & Grog Not Included

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