Meeting Owl Is a 360 Degree Video Conferencing Camera That Connects With Everyone In The Room

The Meeting Owl by Owl Labs downsizes the hardware required to orchestrate web-based conferencing into a single nifty USB device that requires no installation or downloading. We might have named it “Hedwig.” Yes, we’re obvious. Yes, we are also single. All of us. Your move, eligible ladies and gentlemen.

Named for its resemblance to our favorite wise nocturnal raptor and fully compatible with the likes of such online networking tools as Google Hangouts, BlueJeans, Slack, Skype, GoToMeeting and Zoom, Meeting Owl need only be plugged into a desktop or laptop computer to oversee any conference anywhere at any time. Its eight-microphone array employing Beamforming technology and immaculate noise and echo cancellation to focus unwaveringly on the individual speaking and single 360-degree lens work together to capture a complete view of the room and crystal-clear audio within a 12-foot diameter. No moving parts or image stitching required. When the “Owl Eyes” light up, that’s Meeting Owl acknowledging that there’s a conference in progress. You don’t have to rotate your laptop or move a thing.

When you call your meeting to order, Meeting Owl keeps it in order.

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See & Hear Everyone In The Room

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