26 Funny Mugshot Hairdos Are A Crime Themselves

Contrary to what this honor roll by So Bad So Good could understandably make anyone believe, avoiding a jaw-droppingly asinine mugshot photo is actually fairly simple. Start by not committing what you know to be crimes. Much like making sure your computer is plugged in before calling tech support to curse out a 22-year-old call center employee whose English may very well be as incomprehensible as our Klingon, that is a frequent oversight.

Failing that, should the Holy Spirit moves through you next Friday night and commands you to get naked before marching and masturbating through the streets of San Diego, look in the mirror long and hard. Ask yourself this: if my name is about to make a splash in the public record associated with what I’m about to do, is this really portrait I want to be associated with it? Look, we’ve all thought about going to the local Sport Clips and telling the fresh-faced young lass with the clippers, “Give me the Heihachi Mishima!” By “we,” keep in mind, we mean, “Probably just you.”

About 99 times out of 100, though, anyone would only go through with that after sobering up, calling that staring contest with the “Tekken 2” box art a draw and somehow still feeling jazzed about the life choice to come.

Source – SoBadSoGood via Ranker

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